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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose The Happy Diet?

Coach K is our very own Dr. Kedar Prasad, PhD. He has developed a text-based coach that will share insights, give encouragement, and gather information throughout the duration of the diet, and beyond if you like.

With the ideal combination of whey and whole egg protein, soluble and insoluble fibers, amino acids, and Citrulline, Protein Daily is designed to fill you up and keep you satiated.

You read correctly. Protein Daily is naturally sweetened with stevia and has been specially formulated to ensure that it is safe for those with gluten allergies and intolerances. While it does not contain soy, it is manufactured in a facility that processes soy.

Scientifically validated, Micro Daily was designed to combat free radicals and fight inflammation, Micro Daily works at the cellular level to promote a strong immune system, enhance energy production, and support cell growth. Protein Daily provides the perfect vehicle to further the distribution of Micro Daily through your body.

Micro Daily and Protein Daily are free from the heavy metals, iron, copper, and manganese. Combined with vitamin C, these metals can produce high levels of free radicals. *If you take iron, take it 2 hours before or after taking your Micro Daily.

Look, nutrition is life, and it should never be a chore to eat well—especially when you are trying to lose weight.

Say hello to The Happy Diet. We serve the world’s best supplements paired with delicious nutrient rich foods. You’ll eat juicy Angus burgers, sweet-n-savory Teriyaki Chicken, and tasty sausages. Your taste buds will be so happy that you’ll forget you’re ‘on a diet.’ That’s the point!

You already know this: the only way to lose weight is to eat real foods, add vitamins, minerals, and micronutrients, and exercise a little bit every day. Every Happy Diet box includes your personal selection of Micro Daily, Protein Daily, meats and veggies you’ll recognize.

Here’s what doesn’t come in your box: processed sugars and starches, fake meal replacements and TV dinners. These are not real foods, and they won’t help you lose weight.

Our commitment to you: The Happy Diet only delivers real, perfectly-prepared high-quality foods that you’ll love.

Starvation plans are not fun, nor are they a good way to lose weight. It makes you wonder why so many diet plans serve tiny mouse-sized portions. The Happy Diet isn’t like those other plans.

All Happy Diet meals are based on generous 3-5 ounce servings of protein. We don’t skimp on the veggies—around 4 ounces a serving. (Since these are real foods, the weights do vary a little.) These serving sizes are perfect for just about every appetite-- whether you are a man, woman, tall, short, active, or not.

Get ready for ample servings of protein-packed meats, nutrient-dense veggies, and filling breakfasts. The Happy Diet meals will fill you up so you’ll never feel hungry or deprived.

Looking for the easiest way to lose weight fast? Hello! You’re in the right place. With The Happy Diet, you don’t have to guess at what to eat anymore; it’s already done for you. Simply take you Micro Daily with breakfast and dinner and have a Protein Daily shake at breakfast and lunch. Then add our mouth-watering meals—ready for you eat--cooked to perfection, flash frozen, and lovingly packed in individual BPA-free bistro steamer bags.

There’s no calorie-counting, macro-stressing, or points to track. All you have to do is pull your healthy weight loss meal out of the freezer and heat in the microwave for about 3 minutes. Welcome to The Happy Diet. We’re so glad you found us!

You might be thinking that having your meals delivered could be expensive. The math is surprising-- our world class supplements and healthy, balanced meals cost you less than $20 a day.

In fact, consumers of this delicious food rave about saving time and money by not eating out or going to the grocery store. And they love the fact that they don’t have to worry about making the wrong choices at the store.

All money-talk aside, there’s nothing better than coming home from a long day at work knowing that a healthy dinner is ready and waiting for you. That feeling is… priceless.

Imagine how incredible it will be to never have to think about your diet again-- to fit in your favorite jeans, and to feel like you have an endless supply of energy.

Look, you know that life is too short to spend your time wishing for things. You’ve made the decision to get healthy; do you want to help others too? Join the community!

The Happy Diet is about helping everyone achieve optimal health. When you eat healthy, you feel better—and you find yourself doing more fun and amazing things in your life.

It makes sense to share The Happy Diet with everyone you love! Make the world happier and healthier.

What Kind of Results Can I Get?

Let’s be honest: if it doesn’t taste good, you won’t eat it, right? That’s why so many ‘diet foods’ won’t give you the results you want—you quit because it doesn’t taste good.

But The Happy Diet tastes really good. You’ll find that you’re looking forward to every shake and every meal. That means you’ll stick with it so you’ll finally be able to see weight loss results.

When you eat delicious meals, you won’t be tempted to go off-plan. The Happy Diet is the best-tasting diet delivery meal plan you will ever experience.

The Happy Diet’s supplements and balanced meals can help you lose weight—even stubborn belly fat, and fat from all your other trouble areas, too.

It’s important to understand that everyone loses weight at their own pace, fast or slow-- and that’s a good thing! Either way, we’re here to make sure you achieve your ultimate goal.

Coach K is on your side, ready to get you your best weight loss results ever.

With so many diet plans, once you stop following them, you gain all the weight back. Not so with The Happy Diet! Our meals are based on real foods you are familiar with, so you’ll learn first-hand what it takes to eat right for your needs and lifestyle.

As you progress, Coach K will also teach you some easy-to-follow rules so you can eat out at your favorite restaurants, have a social life, or shop and cook for yourself and still maintain your weight loss.

The Happy Diet is a sustainable, healthy lifestyle plan that will ensure you keep the weight off over the long-term.

The Happy Diet is so easy. No more counting, weighing, measuring, and tracking. All the guesswork has been eliminated! It’s really simple: all you do is take your Micro Daily at breakfast and dinner, have a Protein Daily shake for breakfast and lunch, and heat and eat our delicious pre-cooked, frozen meals-- and you lose weight.

Every box of food comes with goof-proof guidelines to ensure your success. Even better, Coach K will be there for you to help encourage and motivate you the entire time.

You’ve got your hands full. That’s why you need a weight loss plan that works for you and your busy life.

It literally takes no time to take your Micro Daily, a couple minutes to make a quick Protein Daily shake, and 3 short minutes to have a hot, ready-to-eat meal on your dish so you can dash off to your next meeting, to pick up the kids, or hit the gym. So if you work, have a life, don’t have time and won’t eat cardboard or rabbit food, The Happy Diet is the right weight loss program for you.

Sometimes you just really need a friend to talk to. Weight loss is no exception. If you need motivation and guidance to lose weight, Coach K is here to help. You can always lean on Coach K when you need advice. Simply reply to the texts you get from Coach K with your questions and he will get back to you with some great guidance.

What’s on The Happy Diet with Meals Menu?

Q: What do you eat on The Happy Diet?

A: Only your favorite foods! You can choose your own menu with The Happy Diet. Mix and match juicy meat entrees with tender-crisp veggies for dinner and lunch. There are dozens of delicious items— so fill your menu with everything you like.

The Happy Diet meal plans are designed so you can pick all your favorite foods. We do not lock you into a set menu. You get tons of variety so you’ll never get bored.

All your meals are even more flexible because everything is packaged separately in BPA-free bistro steamer bags. There are no pre-set TV dinners here. You can mix and match your entrees and sides to your heart’s content—for hundreds of different meal combinations!

So, what’s for dinner? Well, what do you feel like eating? Go ahead! With The Happy Diet, the choice is always yours.

Everyone loves The Happy Diet foods and our delicious Protein Daily. But there’s one tiny little problem... You might find your kids, roommate, or partner sneaking into your stash.

The Happy Diet is good for everyone, and ok for you to eat for the long-term. That means that you can enjoy The Happy Diet for as long as you need to get to your goal or even as part of your maintenance plan, too.

You can take pride in your Happy Diet! Micro Daily is the best, scientifically-provien, daily micronutrient supplement ever created. All your Happy Diet entrees are seasoned, pre-cooked and packaged to save you time. Your premium vegetables are simply blanched and packaged.

Compared to other food manufacturers, The Happy Diet offers you the highest confidence and quality by offering the least-processed weight loss meals at a price that makes sense for most budgets.

Will you like The Happy Diet? We spend a lot of time in the kitchen so you don’t have to. Our team tastes everything, selects the best foods, and tests them to make sure they will help you lose weight.

If something doesn’t taste absolutely yummy, it won’t make the cut on the The Happy Diet menu.

Are you diabetic or pre-diabetic? Have you been told you need to eat less sodium? Do you avoid or are intolerant to certain foods like gluten, dairy, or pork? Would you like to eat a Paleo-friendly diet? The Happy Diet is flexible; and all our nutritional information is available, so you can tailor your meal plan to your dietary needs.

If you need a little help customizing your meal plan, pick up the phone and call us today at 801.655.4501.

How Does Your Program Work?

You know you need the power of real protein—both whey and whole egg. That’s what burns fat, builds muscle, and supports a healthy metabolism.

That’s The Happy Diet difference; other prepared diet plans skimp on meals with real protein and add cheap starchy fillers like rice, pasta, and potatoes instead. We’ll never do that, because starchy fillers have been shown to trigger overeating and fat storage.

All Happy Diet protein entrees weigh in at about 3-5 ounces (it’s real food so the weight may vary). With The Happy Diet, you get enough quality protein for effective weight loss in every meal.

A colorful serving of The Happy Diet vegetables isn’t just another pretty plate. It also means you are getting a variety of important nutrients in. Vegetables support effective, healthy weight loss.

The Happy Diet serves you top-quality vegetables, harvested right at their peak. For the best flavor and nutrients, our vegetables are rushed to be flash frozen in as little as 4 hours with no preservatives added. Our vegetable blends are rainbows of health and goodness.

The Happy Diet is not an extreme ‘low-carb’ plan. You’ll get the perfect balance of healthy carbs so you can lose weight without feeling deprived.

We’re not going to lie; you’ll need to ditch unhealthy high-GI carbs like sugar, candy, bread, along with alcohol—you know the drill. Those are making you gain weight.

The Happy Diet is designed and tested to give you ultimate convenience, and effectiveness. That’s the charm! You will lose weight without thinking because there is no guesswork, and no stress.

Just minutes in the microwave for each pre-cooked frozen meal is all it takes for you to lose weight and get on with your busy day.

If you love the simplicity of success with The Happy Diet, you’ll adore Coach K.

Whether you want just a few meals a day or you want it all, you have the power to choose the plan that fits your life.

Make sure to document your weight loss journey! You’ll love seeing your progress-- and your friends will too! When your friends start asking how you did it, tell them about The Happy Diet and show them how they can get #allofit with it.

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