Welcome to the Happy Diet

Our Story

Dear Friend,


Welcome to my Happy Diet with Meals. We are thrilled that you have decided to take this journey with us. The success of our first Happy Diet trial has been remarkable. Not only are people losing weight, but they are truly feeling like they can optimize their lives with Protein Daily and Micro Daily. With all of the great success stories of our first trial run, we also learned a great deal about what may improve your chances for long-term success.


The important thing we learned during our first trial run of the diet was that meal planning and convenience are critical to the success and satisfaction of Happy Dieters. This feedback led us to research ways that we could improve The Happy Diet. As a result, we are now offering healthy, delicious, flash-frozen meals that will be delivered right to your doorstep as part of The Happy Diet.


We want to help you make a permanent lifestyle change as you shed some unwanted pounds and take important steps toward optimizing your health. All I ask is that you follow these simple steps:

  • Use Protein Daily for 1 or 2 meals a day
  • Take your Micro Daily with breakfast and dinner each day
  • Choose from the delicious food options we offer and enjoy
  • When you feel hungry, snack on your favorite approved snack
  • Text your weight or measurements to Coach K as often as you can
  • Ask Coach K for help when you need it
  • Join the Happy Diet Community on Facebook
  • Stay Happy!

You’ll hear from me frequently in the coming weeks. You’ll receive texts with links to some of my favorite recipes to mix it up a bit with your Protein Daily, sample weekly menus to follow, recommended shopping lists, and some guidance on good snacking practices.


We have created a private Facebook community that will allow you to interact with your peers on this Happy Diet with Meals journey. I will send you an invitation to the community in the coming days. It will become a great resource for tips & tricks, traps, recipes, menu ideas, and more. Don’t miss out!


Wishing you great success!


Coach K.